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Technology is a wonderful thing since it makes so many parts of our lives easier and simpler. The internet, porn and mobile devices are three of those great things. Combined together, they provide all kinds of pleasure for the users. Anyone can satisfy their curiosity, hidden fetishes or find info on sex acts by watching pornography. Best of all, porno allows people a way to find sexual gratification and satisfaction via masturbation. One of the best parts about looking at smut through your Smartphone, is the convenience it provides. They let you to watch free porn all day from anywhere you wish or whenever you want. People also use them for sending sexting sex pictures to others.
Still, there are negative sides to technological advancements as well. Too many individuals catch viruses or damage their cellular phones this way. That’s largely due to how easy it is to catch a virus while using your Smartphone to watch porn. This info is according to research from an optimization and web security company named Blue Coat. Their study found that almost one quarter of the malware which people get on their mobile devices, originates from adult sites. Porn websites are full of malware and virus. Plus, they are a haven for hackers who love to steal your personal info or worse. More individuals using their cellular phones to watch porn were driven to malware by porn than fake apps, email spam and malicious websites combined.
Knowing all of this, how can a person using their Smartphone to watch pornography do so without catching a virus? What is the safest and smartest way to enjoy free porn content without putting yourself, mobile device and info at risk? There are some precautions and steps you can take.
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Protect Your Mobile Device

No person would go on vacation and leave their front door unlocked. Yet that is what looking at porno through your smartphone without protection equates to. Before you visit any adult sites, install a security or antivirus app on device. This will not only protect you from malware on porn sites, but any other pages you visit. Also, they help with files you may open up which have a virus. Some sexting sex pictures have been known to contain malware.
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Use Private Browsers

Websites love to collect information about those who visit them. The cookies are used to keep track of you. That’s why using a private browser to look at free porn content with your smartphone makes sense. The private browsers typically come with extra safety options as well.

Visit Safe Adult Sites

The biggest problem with pornography is that there is so much of it found online for free. There are millions of adult related websites offering gratis porno to visitors. But, that also means many of them are only there to hack your phone. The best way to make sure you protect yourself is by visiting reputable porn sites only. Top sites such as PornHub, XNXX, XHamster, Bang Bros, Reality Kings and many others are some of them.
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Avoid Downloading Porn Apps

With so much porn floating around and people using their mobile devices to see it, there are apps as well. Many of them are made just for the purpose of letting users see salacious content. But, these apps are generally a bad idea for several reasons. For one, they contain viruses and malware. Secondly, most of the adult content on them is low quality. Lastly, their biggest intent is getting your information to use against you.
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People who browse the web don’t only have to contend with viruses and malware. Their privacy is also at stake when visiting sites. Using a VPN will let you browse the web using encryption. Best part about it is that all of your info will be more safe and secure.
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