Best Iphone apps for getting laid

//Best Iphone apps for getting laid

The magic word and action for bringing a smile to one’s face and happiness is sex. Having sexual intercourse frequently makes it even better. Unfortunately for many in the real world, steady and good sex is often hard to come by. It can be due to reasons such as busy lifestyles or lack of great pickup skills. Not being good in bed or knowing how to beguile a potential partner can also work against you. Thanks to technology though, there is plenty of help for most people who fall into any of these categories. The same for anyone who has other issues or simply wants more ways to get laid.

As it stands now, advancement in the tech field have made it easier than ever to find sexual partners. There are countless smartphone apps available to help you connect with others. They are individuals just like you who want to meet up and have sex.


Utilizing a mix of location-based technology to bring people together and dating app, helps make Blendr a great tool for getting laid. Profiles of people in your area are shown to you based on where you are. You could see them as you visit a certain area or as you pass them by. One of the positive things about Blendr is how many users there are on it.


This app is called the best and biggest platform for hooking up. Connecting to your Facebook profile lets you find men and women located near you. Using several interface settings, the apps picks the best matches possible. Since more than 10 million people are using it, finding one is a cinch.


The Down app once went by the name of Bang With Friends. That alone should tell you what to expect to find when using it. Hooking up can be done based on various factors. Where you live, the views you get and other criteria are used to give you a score. The higher your Bangability score is, the more potential matches you will get.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Aimed at professionals, this iPhone dating app can be a great tool for finding sexual partners. There’s a shortlist generated based on what your preferences are. The preselected questions feature is awesome for helping users break the ice. But, men have to wait until a female selects and contacts them before they can do anything.


The Bumble dating app is more inclined toward females. They are given preference as to whom they wish to connect with. In order for them to make a move, guys must sit back until women pick them. For males, this app may be harder to get used since they are unable to set things off. Guys tend to be anxious and pushy when it comes to sex and dating. That makes this type of app hard for them to get used to.