The rise of naked selfies

//The rise of naked selfies

Thanks to social media, mobile devices and other elements, there are infinite nude selfies available online. Typing the word nude selfie alone results in millions of images being found. Some of them include famous celebrities, athletes and even politicians. One of the most popular is Kim Kardashian who has made nude selfies her calling card. In fact, one of her naked selfies was given an award for breaking the internet. That reference was based on the number of shares, views and comments the photo generated.

Overall, the rise of naked selfies on the internet is remarkable. Women and men are using their smartphones or other devices to show off their bodies. Some call it empowering while others see it as exploitative. Regardless of how you view it, there is no denying or avoiding it. Most people who have Twitter, Instagram and other accounts are likely to see a number of naked selfies on their feed on a daily basis. Of course that mostly depends on whom you follow.

The trend has taken off even more due to the celebrity factor. As more famous people resort to publishing and sharing their nude photos with their fans, others follow. Kim K. has millions of followers who love it each time she releases one. The controversy, attention and high number of followers she obtains, help play a key role. Other celebs and people in general who want to get those same things, resort to posting their own salacious images.

Yet when it comes to the high amount of naked selfies found online, hacking and revenge factor have to be considered as well. That happens when hackers get a hold of famous people’s private accounts. A few years ago, dozens of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence had their private accounts hacked. The hackers found dozens of nude selfies of celebs and posted them online. That happened over and over again with many other stars.

Additionally, you also have disgruntled friends, ex-partners or others who post naked selfies of others on the web. They obtained the nude photos of their hot girlfriends, wives, friends ex or someone else via a message or something. These individuals then turn around and share them on blogs, social media sites and adult pages.

Many girls are caught by surprise when they find out that their personal nude images are now on the web for anyone to see. Some of these girls have gone on to become internet sensations though. The notoriety and attention becomes a good thing for a few of them. They go on to become models or even adult film stars. Based on the fact that mobile devices which takes photos are everywhere, was reason enough for the rise in naked selfies. Once you add the celebrity and notoriety factor, it makes for an endless stream of them available. And such is the case today as seen by the proliferation of naked selfies.